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Requirements for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines

All owners or operators of a stationary internal combustion engine with a brake horsepower rating of less than 400 measured at the shaft and meets the applicability criteria as outlined in Subpart IIII or Subpart JJJJ (see rules below) must submit a registration to Linn County Public Health.  For the purposes of this threshold, the manufacturer's nameplate rated capacity at full load shall be defined as the brake horsepower output at the shaft.  All engines wich a BHP ≥ 400 must submit a standard construction permit application.  The standard construction permit application forms can be downloaded here.
Standards of Performance for Stationary Compression Ignition Internal Combustion Engines (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart IIII (EPA Website

Standards of Performance for Stationary Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engines (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart JJJJ (EPA Website)  

Linn County recommends that facilities use the following links to the federal standard and to EPA-developed implementation tools and guidance:

EPA Stationary Internal Combustion Engines Website
40 CFR Part 63, Subpart ZZZZ, RICE NESHAP - As available in the e-CFR 

DNR NESHAP presentation (IAMU workshop 7/20/10) (PDF File) | PPT File)
RICE Q&A (includes answers to questions about dual fuel and biodiesel) (PDF File)
Linn County NEHSAP presentation (Altorfer meeting, Cedar Rapids, 6/15/10) (PDF File | PPT File)
EPA RICE NESHAP presentation (May 2010) (PDF File)
EPA Region 7 Response to Missouri Public Utility Alliance RICE Questions (PDF File
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