Linn County Air Quality Division
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Facility NameProjectPermit TypeReviewerReceivedEstimated Completion
JRS Pharma LP-MCCIIEP111 PTOPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 11/06/201911/22/2019
ReConserve of Iowa, Inc.Greenfield PTOsPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 11/01/201911/29/2019
International Paper - Cedar River MillTitle V Renewal 1Title V Anthony Daugherty 11/01/201904/20/2020
Cargill-CornStarch Dryer #4 ProjectPSD Anthony Daugherty 11/01/201901/24/2020
Cargill-CornStarch Dryer #3 ProjectAuthorization to Install Anthony Daugherty 11/01/201911/29/2019
JRS Pharma LP-MCCIIEP Characteristics CorrectionsPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 10/30/201911/22/2019
PMX Industries, IncEP150Authorization to Install Anthony Daugherty 10/18/201911/15/2019
International Paper - Cedar River MillPTOs 249, 250, 251Permit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 10/18/201910/25/2019
ADMTitle V Administrative ModificationTitle V Jason Keener 10/14/201901/01/2020
Cargill - EastNon-PSD ExpansionAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 09/23/201912/23/2019
Cargill - EastPSD ExpansionPSD Jason Keener 09/23/201912/23/2019
Interstate Grain ServiceAs-Built Storage BinsPermit to Operate Jason Keener 08/20/201909/17/2019
Cargill Cedar Rapids WestTV Renewal 07-TV-010R2Title V Amy Drahos 06/28/201906/30/2020