Linn County Air Quality Division
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Facility NameProjectPermit TypeReviewerReceivedEstimated Completion
Red Star YeastDryers #4 & #5, Fermenter #10 Emission Limit ModificationPermit to Operate Jason Keener 03/13/201804/15/2018
Diamond V Mills, Inc.Diamond V North Title V Permit Renewal 3Title V Anthony Daugherty 03/08/201807/17/2018
IPL - Prairie Creek Generating StationIPL PCGS EP121 PTOPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 03/08/201803/23/2018
City of Cedar RapidsOdor Control Upgrade Variance RequestVariance Jason Keener 03/01/201803/02/2018
Cargill-CornCargill HSW TankPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 02/21/201803/23/2018
Cargill-CornCargill dP PTO AmendmentsPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 02/21/201803/23/2018
Linn County Lifts'As-Built' Waste Oil FurnacePermit to Operate Jason Keener 02/19/201803/21/2018
United Fire GroupUnited Fire Group Fire PumpAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 02/12/201803/15/2018
Cargill-CornCargill PSD Permit Mods EPs 91-93PSD Anthony Daugherty 01/15/201803/02/2018
PMX Industries, IncPMX-Title V R3Title V Anthony Daugherty 12/04/201705/16/2018
General Mills, Inc.Title V Operating Permit ModTitle V Jason Keener 06/28/201712/31/2017
IPL - Prairie Creek Generating StationIPL-PCGS Consent Decree R1 PermitsPSD Anthony Daugherty 02/23/201709/30/2018
IPL - Prairie Creek Generating StationIPL-Prairie Creek Generating StationTitle V Anthony Daugherty 12/22/201501/01/2019
Cargill-CornCargill Corn - Title V R1-M001Title V Anthony Daugherty 01/24/201403/31/2019