Linn County Air Quality Division
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Facility NameProjectPermit TypeReviewerReceivedEstimated Completion
Ed Markert Auto Body ShopEd Markert PTO AmendmentPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 11/21/201712/08/2017
King's Material, Inc.As-Built PTO Block SawsPermit to Operate Jason Keener 11/20/201712/25/2017
Electro-Coatings of IowaEP004 ModificationAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 11/16/201712/15/2017
ABRA Auto Body & GlassABRA Ownership Change PermitsPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 11/15/201712/22/2017
Rockwell CollinsEmission Limit Changes EPs 115, 157, 158, 179, & 188Permit to Operate Jason Keener 11/13/201712/15/2017
Diamond V Mills, Inc.Diamond V - Weigh Hopper VarianceVariance Anthony Daugherty 11/06/201711/07/2017
Rockwell CollinsB106-236 Stack ModificationPermit to Operate Jason Keener 11/06/201711/30/2017
Armstrong DevelopmentArmstrong EP001 Generator PTO Ownership ChangePermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 10/31/201712/08/2017
IPL - Prairie Creek Generating StationIPL PCGS Unit 4 CEMS VarianceVariance Anthony Daugherty 10/30/201710/31/2017
City of Cedar RapidsWPCF EP046 Emergency Chlorine ScrubberAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 10/30/201711/30/2017
ADMEP545 ModificationPSD Jason Keener 10/26/201711/30/2017
Danisco US, Inc.EP035, EP121, EP128 ModificationsPermit to Operate Jason Keener 10/10/201710/31/2017
Barnes Manufacturing ServicesBarnes Manufacturing - EP003 PTOPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 09/26/201710/06/2017
Cargill-CornCargill PTOs - EPs 40, 23, 113, 1, 90Permit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 09/15/201710/06/2017
JRS Pharma LPJRS Pharma MCCII EP107 PTOPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 09/05/201709/15/2017
Ingredion IncorporatedIngredion EP106 VarianceVariance Anthony Daugherty 08/23/201708/24/2017
Cargill-CornCargilll - EPs 23 and 113 Permit ModsAuthorization to Install Anthony Daugherty 08/15/201709/15/2017
Cargill-CornCargill - EP23 VarianceVariance Anthony Daugherty 08/02/201708/03/2017
Ingredion IncorporatedIngredion - PSD Project 17-266PSD Anthony Daugherty 06/28/201709/29/2017
General Mills, Inc.Title V Operating Permit ModTitle V Jason Keener 06/28/201712/31/2017
IPL - Prairie Creek Generating StationIPL-PCGS Consent Decree R1 PermitsPSD Anthony Daugherty 02/23/201703/10/2017
Powder Shop, ThePowder Shop - Rainbow Paint Ownership Change PermitsPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 01/12/201703/03/2017
Ingredion IncorporatedIngredion - Title V Renewal 2Title V Anthony Daugherty 12/12/201606/22/2017
IPL - Prairie Creek Generating StationIPL-Prairie Creek Generating StationTitle V Anthony Daugherty 12/22/201511/13/2016
Cargill-CornCargill Corn - Title V R1-M001Title V Anthony Daugherty 01/24/201412/31/2015