Linn County Air Quality Division
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Facility NameProjectPermit TypeReviewerReceivedEstimated Completion
ADM400 Leg Modification & Biomass Dryer ReplacementAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 05/27/202006/22/2020
General Mills, Inc.EP 178 PTO 7127 and EP 322 PTO 7128 Water HeatersPermit to Operate Amy Drahos 05/26/202006/05/2020
The Powder ShopEP001 Spray Booth MeCl Stripping ProcessAuthorization to Install Anthony Daugherty 05/22/202006/05/2020
Cedar GraphicsEP 21 PTO 7126 Non-Emergency Diesel Engine 1000 kWPermit to Operate Amy Drahos 05/22/202005/29/2020
Midwest Metal ProductsPaint OvenAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 05/20/202006/20/2020
Cargill - EastPlant-Wide Production VarianceVariance Jason Keener 05/13/202005/20/2020
General Mills, Inc.EP 345 ATI 7449 Emergency Diesel Generator 350kWAuthorization to Install Amy Drahos 05/12/202006/12/2020
General Mills, Inc.EP 309 and 346 Dryers (309A, B, E, F)Authorization to Install Amy Drahos 05/06/202005/29/2020
General Mills, Inc.EP 178 and EP 322 Water HeatersAuthorization to Install Amy Drahos 05/05/2020 
General Mills, Inc.EP 162, 167, 330 Emergency GeneratorsAuthorization to Install Amy Drahos 05/05/202005/29/2020
Mestek MachineryPaint Booth Stack ModificationPermit to Operate Jason Keener 04/21/202005/21/2020
Red Star YeastRed Star Title V Renewal 2Title V Anthony Daugherty 03/26/202009/29/2020
Cedar GraphicsEP 021 Standby GeneratorAuthorization to Install Amy Drahos 03/03/202004/03/2020
International Paper - Cedar River MillCapacity Increases & Permit ModificationsAuthorization to Install Jason Keener 02/20/202003/30/2020
Diamond V Mills, LLC South2018 Expansion PTOsPermit to Operate Anthony Daugherty 01/30/202002/14/2020
International Paper - Cedar River MillTitle V Renewal 1Title V Anthony Daugherty 11/01/201904/20/2020